NAR’s 2016 Profile of International Activity in U.S. Residential Real Estate

Dollar volume down slightly overall, but…

It’s up 20% from Foreign Residents 다운로드. This points to the fact that the dollar is strong. It is more attractive for people to buy U.S. real estate in dollars rather than in their own currency 다운로드. But still, $44B from abroad is still quite a pie to get a piece of – it’s just closer to 2014 levels in the current climate.

[CHART] Dollar Volume of Foreign Buyer Residential Property Purchases

Source of Buyers Remains Mostly Unchanged

The same 5 countries still make up 51% of all international activity in the U.S 톡친구만들기 다운로드. But the tail is long and every country in the world represents an opportunity to grow your business.

Source of Foreign Buyers

What Are They Buying 곰오디오 편집기?

Buyers from Canada and U.K. are looking primarily for vacation homes and investments. Those from India and Mexico are overwhelmingly looking for primary residences 다운로드. And the Chinese are more balanced in their intended use – though it’s worth noting they buy properties for students far more than any other country 다운로드. Lastly, the percentage of suburban purchases are on the rise…especially as prices continue to go up in most major metros.

[CHART] Intended Use Among Foreign Buyers